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WA Online – Meeting #32

Westcountry Anime Online – Meeting #32, Thursday, 22nd of October on Discord. We’ll start gathering from 8pm and start at 8:30pm.

The story goes that back in 2006/2007 some of the execs at Namco Bandai decided, that sometime soon, the idol boom would go bust. They thought that they should take the poplular characters from the idol managment game, the Idolmaster and put them into other settings, to keep making money out of them. (Just in case.)

For the franchise’s first anime they went to Sunrise (part of Bandai Namco Holdings) and director Nagai Tatsuyuki (Anohana, A Certain Scientific Railgun) and writer Hanada Jukki (A Place Further than the Universe, Love Live!). They came up with tonights show, idolm@ster: XENOGLOSSIA.