So who are we anyway? What’s our purpose? How long has it been going?

The whole idea for Westcountry Anime came about as the brain-child of Michael Dodd (DoddyUK) after he googled for anime clubs in the South West, only to find that there was absolutely nothing between Land’s End and Bath. So he did the only logical thing that came to mind – set up a crappy phpBB board!

Around the same time he returned to the Neo Magazine forum after a lengthy absence. It was there that we first made contact and discovered that there were a few users that lived around the Plymouth area, I introduced him to my friend Andrew (a_c_e), and after a few nights out down The Cooperage, much alcohol and plenty of Air Guitar action, we came back round to the idea of an anime club for Plymouth, if not South Devon. Words were spoken (mostly me and Andy kicking Mike up the arse till he did something about this idea), lines of HTML were written, and Westcountry Anime was born.

Westcountry Anime meets every Thursday (when possible). At each meet we watch two the first two episodes of a series and then two episodes of an ongoing series. In between a running series, we will watch films and longer OVA’s. There’s also a halftime in-between what we show at each meeting, so there is plenty of time to talk about whatever! At times we will also play some Japanese videogames, from Touhou to Street Fighter.

New attendees are always welcome, and we are happy for people just to turn up. There is no membership subscription. It should be noted that our meetings are usually held in the function room of a pub, and we will on occasion show shows that have a 18 certificate.

Chris “Eva_Fan” Trace