Nominations for WA Online – Meeting #33

by DukeEdrick 6 Comments

Halloween special. So theme this week is supernatural horror or shows where vampires, witches, ghosts etc take center stage. OR you can nominate something about ancestor worship or the harvest. If you do you’ll get a no prize from me.

Get them in by Sunday.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. Jimbo
    Mononoke - The "Medicine Seller" is a deadly and mysterious master of the occult who travels across feudal Japan in search of malevolent spirits called "mononoke" to slay. When he locates one of these spirits, he cannot simply kill it; he must first learn its Form, its Truth, and its Reason in order to wield the mighty Exorcism Sword and fight against it.
  2. Kate
  3. Ojou-Sama
  4. Ojou-Sama
    Fridge Episode from Cowboy Bebop
  5. DukeEdrick
    Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu
  6. Kingemocut

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