Nominations for Meeting #522

by DukeEdrick 5 Comments

More movies! More Ova’s.

(Some inspiration,, .
You can also check if we’ve seen something before by searching the forum archive, however if it was more than 50 meetings ago feel free to nominate it again!)

Comments ( 5 )

  1. ace
    Idol Defence Force Hummingbird, episode 1 - however many we can get in
  2. DukeEdrick
    Genmu Senki Leda
  3. Elbow
    Mazinger Z Infinity
  5. Kingemocut
    had a few kicking about but found one that's just shy of the 2 hour, with the rest being hour and a half. The Wolf Children would be the submission from me this week. 5.1 japanese with eng subs.

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